Flush Sliding Door Handle

Flush Sliding Door Handle

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A typical Flush Sliding Door Handle with adjustable height, width, depth.

This family is shared, so it can be loaded directly into your project and will appear in the nested hardware container of RevitHQ doors, ready to be swapped into your design without ever editing a family.

See family operation below for details on how to correctly use the Flush Sliding Door Handle family in RevitHQ door panels.

Revit Version: 2018
Family Type: Face-Based
Category (Object Style): Doors (Hardware)
Shared: Yes
Materials: Stainless Steel_Satin
Family Operation

For the handle to sit flush with RevitHQ door panels, enable the 'Handle_VoidVisible' parameter in the properties of RevitHQ door panels. 

Then adjust the height and width of the void to match the height and width of your door handle.

This can work for any custom inset door handle you create too.