Revit project template

Organised, Intelligent, Customised.

Organisation Systems

Built-in organisation systems to maintain order and consistency amongst all your projects, no matter the team size.

RevitHQ Families

Enhanced base families with additional intelligent parameter. Plus, some of the most popular RevitHQ families included for free.

Schedules & Legends

Pre-established schedules and legends for quantification and project management. Working instantly with all RevitHQ families.

PBR Material Library

Comprehensive and custom PBR material library, pre-applied, and optimised for Enscape compatibility.

Creating and refining a template is complicated and laborious work, so we have done it for you! 

Organisation Systems

Automated browser organisation based on pre-established view templates.

A comprehensive Keynote system guides the overall template organisation. integrated in to all systems and external RevitHQ families.

Clear and expandable naming systems for all pre-established family types and materials.

Sheet naming based on the ISO 19650 data management framework.

Automated management of section, elevation and callout markers through pre-establish filters in all view templates.

Organised project parameters for data management, scheduling, and enhanced visibility control.

RevitHQ Families

Our temple comes with a base set of essential RevitHQ families, including some of our most popular, like the Single Swing Door and the Downpipe families.

All families on RevitHQ come embedded with the same shared parameter data for instant and predictable interoperability with the RevitHQ template.

Schedules & Legends

Pre-set master schedules for the primary family types of Walls, Roofs, Floors, Ceiling, and Doors.

Catalogue Legends for quicker documentation and to assist you in setting the graphical appearance of all system families.

Multiple categories of schedules for management of parameters, naming, file maintenance and quantification.

PBR Material Library

Over 100 customised materials created with Revit's new PBR material assets, working perfectly with Revit's native renderer but optimised for Enscape.

High-quality tillable texture maps individual adjusted and checked to ensure minimal repeating artefacts in rendered views.

Organised and pre-applied template wide. 

Shared Parameters

  • A thorough yet minimalist approach to shared parameters, integrated into the template and all RevitHQ families.
  • The shared parameter file is included with the template purchase to allow you complete flexibility in modification or creation of new families that will operate with the same systems.

Our shared parameter can also be purchased separately to integrate into your existing template.

Keynote File

  • An organised keynote coding system pre-embedded template and family-wide.
  • Pre-created keynote legends and tags for full utilisation of Revit's quick keynoting and adaptive legends.
  • An excel base file, allowing you to easily update the keynote file as your project progresses.

Our keynote file can also be purchased separately to integrate into your existing template.

Detail Explanations
and Setup Guides

We have made it as easy as possible for you to customise the graphical standards of our template to suit your own needs with a ready to print summaries all system and annotation families.

Including clear and detailed explanations of all of the embedded systems and features mentioned above.

Plus much more...

Wall Types

Floor Types

Ceiling Types

Roof Types

RevitHQ Template Project Template
RevitHQ Template Project Template
RevitHQ Template Project Template
RevitHQ Template Project Template
RevitHQ Template Project Template
RevitHQ Template Project Template
RevitHQ Template Project Template
RevitHQ Template Project Template

RevitHQ Project Template Bundle


The RevitHQ Project Template has been built to our highest standards, with what we consider to be some of the best methods for maintaining consistency amongst all your Revit projects.

It is clean, organised, embedded with intelligent parameters, systems and pre-sets to keep your projects moving fast from conception to documentation.

We actively use this template for our projects, and it continues to evolve. By purchasing this Project Template you are entitled to all future upgrades, and we welcome feedback for potential improvements. more about why a customised Revit project template could be good for your company in our most recent blog post below:

A Customized and Optimized Revit Project Template: Streamlining Your Workflow

It takes hundred of hours of work to create a template, and then years refining it from experience on real world projects. Save your time and money now!