RevitHQ Furniture Adjustable Outdoor Table

Adjustable Outdoor Table

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An Adjustable Outdoor Table that has all of its elements adjustable so that you can adapt it to any desired style. This table is designed with a nested base and top, meaning with minimal family creation knowledge you can create a new top or base of a completely different design.

Compatible families:

Revit Version: 2020
Type: Host-Based
Category: Furniture
Object Style: Tables
Shared: Yes
Materials & Textures: PBR with Custom Textures
Product Version: 1.1
Family Updates - Version 1

Version 1.1

  • Updated family and shared parameters for integration with RevitHQ project template.
  • Improved parameter naming and organising.
  • Updated textures to new PBR type with 1024x1024px texture maps.